A social platform designed to enhance faith interactions and deepen spiritual relationships

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Connect, Collaborate, Grow

Imagine a social network focused on building stronger spiritual relationships by fostering more in-depth, collaborative, and organized conversations centered around faith. Faithpath was designed from the ground up with that singular objective in mind.

When you first read that statement, you may be thinking to yourself "Why do we need yet another social solution when I already share my faith on several other social networks?" And that's a fair question. Our response would be that Faithpath was not created as a replacement or even to mimic the value that exists in each of the solutions in the market today. They serve great purposes for getting a message out to the masses. We were intending to be something different - a relationship network. A network that placed value in getting beneath the surface and diving in deep into topics of personal importance.


Faithpath is a network that allows you to Connect with others in a variety of stages along their spiritual journey. Perhaps you are new to faith and simply have questions. Or you have years of experience behind you and would like to serve as a mentor or spiritual guide to others. Faithpath intends to be a blend of faith seekers with various backgrounds, interests, and abilities. Sign up today and start discovering new relationships grounded in faith.


No one can deny the tremendous reach of the largest social networks. It has never been easier to get a message out to the masses. However, if your desire is to engage in more interactive conversation around a particular topic - such as spiritual development or a small group study, for instance - it is more difficult to manage. According to a recent study, 75% of a post's total engagement on these networks happens within the first 3-5 hours.

That is where Faithpath is different - topics are central to Faithpath. All information surrounding a topic (conversations, videos, photos, documents, and blog posts) is all captured neatly within subject-specific containers called Paths. The concept of a Path really allows the conversation to happen well beyond a few hours and really can last as long as the groups engaging in conversation like. Faithpath has focused specific attention on creating an environment where people can truly collaborate on a topic by bringing a variety of content types together into a dedicate space and opening up for a healthy exchange of thoughts and ideas.


Of course the ultimate goal is growth - both spiritually and relationally. With such great potential for a diverse mix of people, ideas, and topics, our hope is that each and every Faithpather either increases their spiritual foundation or serves as a mentor to help someone else grow. Faithpath will continue to explore new avenues to bring additional fresh content to increase the opportunity.

While connections online will not and should not replace face-to-face interaction, we feel that every effort should be made to mirror these encounters as closely as possible. We feel that Faithpath is a large step in that direction. Please enjoy!

The Faithpath Team

Faithpath in action

Check out the introduction/feature video for a high-level overview of the solution. The video should provide some clarity on what Faithpath is and how you can utilize it to create collaborative spaces and conversations.

As we approach launch, we will add a Learning section to the website which will contain video tutorials on much of the solution and explain how you can leverage the features to maximize your benefit.

Designed with Multiple User Groups in Mind

Faithpath is a robust solution that excels as a communication platform for multiple user types, each with the same desire for rich faith conversations.

Explore some of the FaithPath Features and see how Faithpath can be a benefit to you.

Imagine a network of faith-seekers connecting socially online with one another all in the name of spiritual growth. With a singular focus and vision, it is our hope that healthy conversations and relationships flourish.

For more details on how Faithpath can assist the following user groups, click on the respective images.

Faith Seekers

Blogging Community




Faith Seekers

Connect with others and share life experiences.

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Faithpath provides you some unique opportunities.

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Establish discussion topics that your group can interact on.

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Faith Organizations

Post messages, questions, & create conversation.

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